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Dewdance, Night Light - Faerie Glen by Munro

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Dewdance Nightlight by Faerie Glen
Faerie Glen Logo
by Munro Enterprises, Inc.

Night Light

Dewdance: this gorgeous figurine depicts a ballerina fairy!
She sits upon a mushroom and ties her ballet slipper.
She wears a dress of pale blue with sparkling wings to match.
Her brown hair billows out.
Smaller toadstools rest
underneath the faerie's perch.
A great way to throw
a little "light" on the subject.

The detailing on this piece is OUTSTANDING!

Makes a perfect addition
to your faerie collection !

Cold Cast Porcelain (Resin)

The Fairy Figurine Measures:
4-3/4" tall
3-3/4" wide (at wing tips)
approximately 3" deep (from the wall, when plugged into the socket)
The Night Light has an Off/On switch, conveniently located on the front of the plug-in.
Has easy access to light bulb via the open back on the skirt, below the wings;
 as well, the figurine slides off of the socket for replacing the bulb.
For varied lighting effects, try different colored bulbs!
Replacement bulbs easy to find through
big box, hardware and grocery stores, too.

The Faerie Glen STORY...
(printed on the side of the box)
Light slips 'round ageless trees
Shadows dance on whispered breeze
Faeries choose to gather here
Tempting mortals staying near

Look carefully, as faeries hide
And wait for believers  to come inside
Keeping them for a year and day
'Ere longer if they wish to stay

Ethereal magic fills this place
Tread carefully throughout their space
As nature's guardians, they defend
Faeries protect both home and friend

While caring for the earth each day
Mischief and pranks are their way
To remind common man of their pow'r
As they enchant day and evening hour

So leave a gift for faerie folk
Underneath the tallest oak
And, only, if you believe...then
Can you enter Faerie Glen

Brand New, with Original Box.

Carefully inspected & packed in Original Box, also in Mint Condition.
Then double boxed to give extra protection during shipping.
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